Internet Business Classes

Yes, you can Build a Successful Business Internet business classes are now taught in Ft Lauderdale. In this 15 days course,  (2 hours class) participants will progress step-by-step through a proven methodology to build an online business. While a Web site is a by-product of this process, the real focus of this course is a hands-on learning environment that will teach participants how to succeed on the Internet.

In Building a Successful Business Using the Internet, participants will learn how to generate traffic, how to get noticed by the search engines, and how to make money on line. How will we do this? I partnered with SiteSell, Inc. to bring a suite of essential  into the classroom that will allow participants to build a business on the web, without having any technical skills or programming experience whatsoever!


As a certified instructor, who is running a successful Web site using these same software tools, you will learn about the C-T-P-M process: Content, Traffic, Pre-Selling, Monetization: all critical ingredients to building a successful online business.


First Class : Master All Important Basics

Build the foundation of your business right now.

How? By absorbing, then living, these All-Important Basics…

   1. Understand the difference between “PREselling” and “Selling.”
2. Act upon the “PREselling Reality.”
3. Monetize! Maximize Conversion Rate and profits.

… works. No matter how you plan to monetize…

  •     merchant-partner sites that you represent as an affiliate
  •     an order page on your site where a prospect can buy your own products (hard or digital goods)
  •     a contact form which visitors can use to follow-up with you for more details about your professional services or Network marketing business opportunity
  •     your own online store
  •     a site that sells a related, non-competitive service or product, in return for a referral fee
  •     your established sales site (become your own best affiliate!)
  •     an ad from Google’s Adsense program
  •     any combination of the above or others!
  •  Maximize Conversion Rate and profits. 

Second Class: Find your Niche and Develop Your Best Site Concept

The rest of your business rides on your choice of Site Concept.  So let’s do it right.
Here is how you will get to your best Site Concept…

​Create a list of potential Site Concepts and choose your top 3.

        Everyone Knows Something About Something
        Three Site Concepts? Why Three?
        Do Some Preliminary Research With Brainstorm It’s Seed Generator Brainstorm

    Use Brainstorm It! to research your 3 Site Concepts. Brainstorm keywords for your top 3 Site Concepts. Analyze their Value Demand and Real Supply.

    Evaluate the following factors for each Site Concept…

  •         Overall Profitability Based on Keyword Research Results
  •         Your Available Time
  •         Knowledge
  •         Passion
  •         Theme “Sexiness”
  •         Monetization Potential 

Third Class: Research to Create The BluePrint

What a Site Content Blueprint Is:

An architect creates a blueprint for the design of a building. The contractor does not start construction of the building when the architect has the plans only half done. He waits for the entire set of plans so that he has an idea of what needs to go here, what there, when he needs concrete, etc.

In the same way, by the end of DAY 3, you will have the blueprint (your “Site Content Blueprint”) you need to begin building your site. You will be planning out which keywords will go where (Tier 2 or Tier 3, and, if needed, Tier 4), and how much you will be writing about each topic (how many Tier 3s for each Tier 2).

Fourth Class. Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

Investigate and Plan Monetization Options 

Learn SBI! Modules  — Brainstorm It!, Search It!, Monetization HQ

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

Fifth Class. Refine Your Site Concept and Register Your Domain Name

Make key decisions.

    What’s the VPP?
    What’s the spin?
    How narrow do you go?
    Other considerations?

Read MYCPS!, vital for PREselling and VPP selection.
Final evaluation… Loop back, if necessary.
Ready? Name that domain!

    key elements of a good domain
    when to use dashes
    make sure it’s legal

Do a final round of checks and then…
Register your domain. 

Paul Calvenzani


As a certified instructor, who is running a successful Web site using these same software tools, you will learn about the C-T-P-M process: Content, Traffic, Pre-Selling, Monetization: all critical ingredients to building a successful online business.
30 hours

Fee: $1,000

Sixth Class. Construction

Put on your hard hat. You are entering the construction phase of your SBI! journey. 

An integrated, simple-to-use set of tools is in place, waiting for your ideas, commands, and dedication (the “Brain Attitude Motivation” part). Please have your post-domain-registration email (Subject = “SBI! Is Ready for You!”) handy. You will need its username and password information.

Action Guide – Idea Your goal is torow create a site that pleases both your human visitors and the search engines. This is where you start the C arrow T arrow P arrow M snowball rolling by writing content designed to row”get the click!”

Seventh Class. Build Free Traffic

BI! Modules Used Today — Content 2.0, TrafficCenter (Traffic Stats,Search Engine HQ, Value Exchange HQ, Other Search HQ) 

To truly own your online business, you must build your own free traffic. It’s fine to supplement traffic by buying Pay-Per-Click advertising or opening a Yahoo! or eBay store, depending on what makes sense for your business.

But remember… the day you stop paying other companies to send you traffic is the day the traffic stops. And so does your business.

Your lifeblood is free traffic, new pre-customers who find your site, read your content, become PREsold… and monetize. Most online small businesses never build their own free traffic. 

Eight Class. Know Your Visitors.

SBI! Modules Used Today — TrafficCenter (Traffic Stats and Click Through/Click IN Analysis)
 Your business-building foundation is solid… You are creating more and more high-quality PREselling content. You are building a natural link profile and growing your reputation with social media marketing. As a result, traffic is building. The increased traffic is more than merely satisfied, they are PREsold.

Search engines measure the hundreds of ways satisfied human visitors naturally respond to great content. They also note your increasing volume of appreciated information.

Ninth Class. Build Your "Brand of One"

You have a solid and growing foundation of high-quality content pages. You are garnering quality inbound links from a variety of sources, including social media sites. Targeted traffic is building.

Your PREselling efforts are becoming more refined as you build your “Brand of One.” You are nurturing trust and credibility with your new (and repeat!) visitors by OVERdelivering relevant, original, high-value information (through your site, Blog It!, e-zine, Content 2.0, Facebook page status updates, tweets, etc.). People like your content… and you!

Now, your site is ready to convert those ever-increasing numbers of PREsold visitors into income. How? By blending together several monetization models to create a diverse, stable online business.

Tenth Class. Monetize

To know if it’s the right time to add your first monetization option.

To add that option to your site and test it before adding a second option.

To set up a system to consistently monitor your site’s performance and your monetization efforts.