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A Unique Web Design Studio assisting Small Businesses and Individuals establish their business online for over 15 years.

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Internet Biz Consulting

If you are eager to start your own business online or want to do it yourself,  We offer consulting services to help you succeed on the internet & give you honest advice on how to start it. It ain’t easy, but with a plan and hard work, anyone can succeed on the internet.


Social Media for Musicians

In today’s music industry, social media has become an essential tool for musicians to promote their work and engage with fans. As a platform for artists to share their creative endeavors, social media can help them gain recognition and increase the reach of their music. By utilizing the various tools available on these platforms, musicians can create personalized campaigns that target their desired audience and expand their fanbase. By Héli. 

Website Building Course

While a Web site is a by-product of this process, the real focus of this course is a hands-on learning environment that will teach participants how to succeed on the Internet. 


The most important aspect in developing a website is the traffic it can generate for your business. With the proper SEO tools, we can search for the most important keywords, then create the blueprint for a successful business.

Online Music Classes

Private Classes for Voice, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard by talented artists

Artificial Intelligence

AI is an incredibly exciting new technology for small businesses. AI can help to automate mundane tasks and make managing a business easier than ever before



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