One of the most common questions I am asked is: how do you market yourself on the Internet?

For all those who have tried and have been disappointed or are confused by, do not give up yet.

In this class I wish to bring together those who wants to learn the best practices for Internet Success.  Learning how to benefit from Google free resources, and proper Social Media marketing will be beneficial for individuals and small businesses. From answering to your personal questions to assist and aid you towards the right direction is  the goal for this glass 

Success does not come easy. Its the result of a meticulous research to find the potential of your business and create the BLUEPRINT,




Master All Important Basics

Build the foundation of your business right now.

How? By absorbing, then living, these All-Important Basics…

   1. Understand the difference between “PREselling” and “Selling.”
2. Act upon the “PREselling Reality.”
3. Monetize! Maximize Conversion Rate and profits.

… works. No matter how you plan to monetize…

  •     merchant-partner sites that you represent as an affiliate
  •     an order page on your site where a prospect can buy your own products (hard or digital goods)
  •     a contact form which visitors can use to follow-up with you for more details about your professional services or Network marketing business opportunity
  •     your own online store
  •     a site that sells a related, non-competitive service or product, in return for a referral fee
  •     your established sales site (become your own best affiliate!)
  •     an ad from Google’s Adsense program
  •     any combination of the above or others!
  •  Maximize Conversion Rate and profits. 

How to Find your Niche and Develop Your Best Site Concept

Introducing Brainstorm It! to research

  •         Overall Profitability Based on Keyword Research Results
  •         Your Available Time
  •         Knowledge
  •         Passion
  •         Theme “Sexiness”
  •         Monetization Potential 

How to Create The Blueprint

What is a Blueprint ?

An architect creates a blueprint for the design of a building. The contractor does not start construction of the building when the architect has the plans only half done. He waits for the entire set of plans so that he has an idea of what needs to go here, what there, when he needs concrete, etc.


Paul Calvenzani


2 hours

Fee: $40

$150 monthly 8 hours